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A Continued Shift Toward Value-Based Health Care

While the outcome of the 2017 presidential election is expected to usher in a new era for U.S. health care, the painstaking and challenging work of shifting to value-based care will likely continue even if the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is repealed, according to the PwC Health Research Institute’s annual report.


State Individual Income Taxes Rates and Brackets for 2018


Tax Reform-Where is it heading?

While The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is not yet law, the bill has outlined many significant changes.  The Tax Reform has created much uncertainty, confusion and misunderstanding, use this guide to understand the changes.

The Senate has voted to approve a major tax overhaul, the House must complete a procedural revote Weds morning expected to pass.  At which point the act is expected to be signed into law by the President before the end of the year.

This detailed report from the Tax Foundation lays out the proposed changes to the tax code.

Tax Reform Details, Special Report from Tax Foundation


Signs You Need a Financial Planner

Financial Planners Help Build Better Experiences

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you need professional help for a problem or if you can handle it yourself. Whether it’s taking care of a common cold, fixing the sink, changing the oil in your car or doing your own taxes. The same question often arises about finances.

It happens all the time – financial questions pop up that you consider silly or stupid so you feel like you must handle alone and you don’t seek help. This is not the best course. As happens often in life, not reaching out to a professional can delay you reaching your goals and cause you to incur more out-of-pocket expenses and lots of headaches.