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International Investing

What Investors Need to Know

Over the past several years, the performance of international markets have trailed the markets here in the United States. Will the trend continue this year?

So far in 2017, international markets are outperforming domestic markets and you may be wondering whether now is the time to allocate a portion of your portfolio to international holdings. The short answer is yes – most investors would be well served by allocating to markets outside the U.S. Here are some thoughts for you to think about.


Active vs Passive Investing

Active vs. Passive Investing

Can we settle the debate?

It’s one of the first questions that comes up when the conversation moves to investing: “which do you think is better over the long-term: active portfolio management or passive portfolio management?” And it’s a question that I can answer with absolute conviction: it depends. Let’s examine the two. More…

Retirement Planning: Investing in Your Health

As Physicians you understand better than most that health care has and is evolving rapidly.  Health care changes make planning and forecasting very difficult in life and retirement planning.  The costs to receive medical care in retirement are substantial and rising dramatically.  While today you may be providing medical care, some day you will be on the receiving end.  Please read this article for education on the options and cost that may lay ahead in retirement.

Retirement Planning: Investing in Your Health

Anatomy of a Doctor Disability Insurance Contract

What’s the difference between my regular occupation and “True Own Occupation”?

By: Andrew C. Hipple, CFP

Very few physicians are also practicing attorneys and can decipher the context of their disability contracts due to the overwhelming complexity of disability insurance.   An individual disability insurance policy is a legal contract that is established between you (the policy owner) and the insurance company, and like most legal documents this creates a large amount of confusion and misunderstanding.  However you obtained or are seeking disability coverage for the security it provides you and protection is allows you.  With a lifetime of income and financial security on the line, it is crucial that the policy you hold is in fact what you believe it to be.  Therefore you must ask yourself; do I know what I have and is it right for me and my family?